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IRCCS Conference
Rome, 12 Dec 2007, University of Roma Tre - Rectorate's conference hall
IRCCS Conference - Rome, 12 Dec 2007
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:. IRCCS Conference

IRCCS Conference "Health Science Community: la medicina nelle arterie della rete GARR" will take place December 12th 2007 in Rome at Aula Magna of University of Roma Tre (via Ostiense, 159).

The primary goal of the GARR Network is to support the Italian scientific and education research activities in order to promote cooperation among its connected members and to develop innovation and knowledge.
Moreover, the GARR Network enables researchers from several scientific areas, such as Biology, Medicine, Earth observation and High energy Physics, to use a high-performance network infrastructure which supports the exchange of ultra-high data amounts, in real time with the whole global worldwide scientific, cultural and academic community.

The Conference will showcase how a network infrastructure can promote cooperation, both inside its own community and within other scientific communities relying on the other international research networks.
On the one hand, the event will present to the Italian medical science community the current activities and future plans of the national and international research networks;  on the other hand it will enable the Italian Telemedicine community to promote and discuss its requirements directly with the GARR community.

The main topics of this Conference will be grid infrastructures technology, video communication, teleradiology applications, neurology, e-oncology, medical images processing, with particular attention to security mechanisms for sensitive medical data processing.

IRCCS Conference - Rome, 12 Dec 2007
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