GARR Conference_05 - the ubiquitous network

GARR  Conference_05

The GARR Conference_05 "la rete daPERtutto" ("the ubiquitous network"), organized by Consortium GARR, engineer and manager of the National Telematic Network for Education, University and Scientific Research, will take place in Pisa from the 10th to the 13th of May, at the Congress Center of the Research Area CNR of San Cataldo.

The GARR Conference_05 is directed to all Network users and invites them to explore, through the presentation of national and international researches and achievements, the network evolution and the new possibilities that it will bring to the research and culture world.

Not only technologies, but above all advanced applications and new ways of using the Network towards the new Information Society, that will make the Information and Communication resources available to anyone, in any moment and for multiple purpose.

The discussion will have a wide range of topics, from resource management through grid systems, remote control, domotics, to the new possibilities to access, handle and analyse information. IThe conference will discuss strategies on how to extend the innovation to use areas so far only partially reached by the benefits of the Network. The Educational sector is a key example.

An IPv6 event in collaboration with 6Net will take place during the Conference.

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