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II incontro sull'Authentication & Authorization Infrastructure
Roma, 6 Mar 2007


The 2nd Authentication & Authorization Infrastructure event - Federated Authentication and D igital L ibraries - organized by Consortium GARR in collaboration with the library of the CNR Research Area of Bologna (Biblioteca dell’Area di Ricerca CNR di Bologna), will take place in Rome on 6th March 2007.

The aim of an Authentication & Authorization Infrastructure (AAI) is to standardize the access to common services amongst different organizations, thus simplifying the procedure required to users.
An AAI manages the authentication and authorization processes between a user, his/her organization and the resource he/she wants to access (i.e. a service supplied by another organization).

AAI is based on a federated model, perfectly compliant to the guidelines of the CNIPA 2007-2009 Triennial Plan for the informatization of the Public Authority (Piano Triennale per l'informatica della Pubblica Amministrazione 2007-2009" del CNIPA): "The confederate state model foresees at par cooperation between the different institutional subjects. This implies the progressive adoption of a federated information system model, where the administrative action is the result of the cooperation between different actors."

The need for a national Authentication & Authorization Infrastructure is growing in Italy as well, in order to facilitate a shared access to digital libraries and education services, such as document delivery, OAI-repositories, e-journals, databases and proxy servers.

The event aims to promote discussion about the creation of an Italian AAI, capable of providing direct access and repeatability on a larger scale to current and future experimentations.

During the event, a few ongoing Shibboleth experimentations to provide access to nationwide services will be presented, including Nilde (document delivery) and e-journals, as well as some experiences carried out in the framework of organizations and projects which integrate the access to digital library services with other services (i.e. managerial-administrative, laboratory resources, proxy, e-learning etc..).

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