Conferenza GARR 2011

Extension of the OpenFlow framework to foster the Software Defined Network paradigm in the Future Internet


Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza"

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Andrea SIMEONI Andrea Simeoni is going to graduate in Computer Science Engineering, at university of Rome "La Sapienza"in December 2011. His graduation path is deeply oriented to computer networks. He was involved in studying broadband wireless systems(WiMAX,HSPA) for the Business Integration Partners (B.I.P) society and defining applicable business models for such technologies. Currently he is involved in the FP7 "FI-WARE" project with the UNIROMA1 partner. The aim of the project is to realize a core platform for all Future Internet services. Actually he is growing skills and practice with the OpenFlow technology, and network operating systems, and is extending such framework to comply with the "Interface to Network and Devices" (I2ND) requirements defined in the work package 7 (WP7) of FI-WARE.


Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza"

Andrea SIMEONI Dr. Marco Castrucci graduated in Telecommunication Engineering with 110/110 cum laude in May 2006 at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and obtained the Ph.D. in System Engineering from University of Rome “Sapienza” in 2010. He was involved in FP6 IST ‘DAIDALOS II’ and ‘WEIRD’ projects and FP7 ICT 'OMEGA' and 'MICIE' projects, while currently he is involved in the FP7 ICT ‘MONET’ and FI PPP ‘FI-WARE’ projects. He also covered WP leader position in several of the mentioned projects. His main research topics are related to the convergence among heterogeneous telecommunication technologies, the design of innovative architectures and paradigms for the Internet of the Future, and software defined networks. He is author of several publications related to its research activities. He is also involved in project management activities, and he is responsible for the preparation of FP7, Artemis and national project proposals in the field of ICT, Security, Environment, Embedded systems and Future Internet.

Extension of the OpenFlow framework to foster the Software Defined Network paradigm in the Future Internet

Software Defined Network (SDN) is one of the most promising paradigm for the Future Internet (FI), as it is a network architectural approach that enables the network virtualization and its centralized control with open interfaces for network applications and services. OpenFlow constitutes one of the pillar technologies for the development of the SDN, defining a protocol to control open switches and routers. Based on OpenFlow, several other research results have been achieved so that now the OpenFlow framework can be used to virtualize and program open networks. The aim of this work is to contribute to the development of the OpenFlow framework, by means of a proposal for the extension of the APIs made available to program and control the network. In particular, a novel network controller component, called ‘Traffic Statistics’, is presented in this work, able to collect network traffic information, to be used by cognitive resource management algorithms aiming at exploiting the network in a efficient way and at the same time at providing an adequate level of QoS to network flows. The proposed ‘Traffic Statistics’ system design is presented here, together with the description of its preliminary prototypal implementation.

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