GARR Conference 2011

IDEM Convention & IDEM Day


The Third IDEM Conference will be held in conjunction with the GARR Conference 2011 at the CNR Conference Centre - Research Area of Bologna, Via Gobetti, 101, 9 November 2011.


The IDEM conference is an annual IDEM event for all those who work towards the growth of the Italian Federation of Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure.

A space to discover the technological innovations of the IDEM Federation and exchange their experiences by exposing services and innovative solutions. The conference will provide the opportunity for decision makers of the organizations to realize the benefits from participating in the IDEM Federation, such as the simplification of the processes of accreditation and management of digital identities, the facilitated access to online resources offered to end users, ensuring greater security levels of application and the compliance with safety regulations and privacy. End users will be presented with a choice of services to which you can access easily through secure and unique credentials.

The conference will also provide an ideal opportunity to learn about the technological infrastructure of the IDEM Federation. Use cases to be presented will be interesting starting points for technology professionals who approach for the first time the issues of federated authentication and authorization, or even stimulating challenges for those who want to improve their already existing AAI infrastructure.

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The third IDEM DAY edition will be held in conjunction with the GARR Conference 2011 at the CNR Conference Centre - Research Area of Bologna, Via Gobetti, 101, in the afternoon of November 10, 2011

IDEM DayThe IDEM DAY days have a formative nature and their purpose is to address useful issues to share a common knowledge base and to encourage the adoption of compatible ways of working. The program is aimed at computer-technical staff of the organizations participating in or are intending to join the IDEM Federation and is particularly focused on deepening of the issues related to Identity Management systems of the organizations and on the creation of accessible resources through federated identity.

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