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TF-EMC2, the TERENA Task Force on European Middleware Coordination and Collaboration, started its mandate in September 2004.

Over the years TF-EMC2 has given birth to several activities, such as SCHAC, REFEDs, TACAR and so on. All these activities are still coordinated within the task force, although they have an autonomous life.

Secretarial support for this task force is provided by TERENA with funding from the GN3 project.

In 2010, the mandate of the TF-EMC2 was renewed by the TERENA Technical Committee for another two-year period. The remit of the Task Force has been changed to reflect the outcome of the redefinition of focus of the two middleware-oriented taskforces, known as TF-EMC2 and Task Force Mobility and Network Middleware. Consequently, TF-EMC2 will focus on identity infrastructure and application-oriented middleware. The goal of TF-EMC2 is to promote the development and deployment of open and interoperable middleware infrastructures among national and regional research and education networking organisations and academic and research institutions.

TF-EMC2 objectives are:

Eventi Extra Welcome Cocktail al Museo

Museo Marconi

Visita con cocktail al complesso di Villa Griffone ed al Museo di Guglielmo Marconi.

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